Mr. Mohan D Meehitiya - Managing Director( Born in 1968)

Mr. Meehitiya professionally is an accountant , he was employed initially at a foreign collaborated shipping & freight forwarding company as Finance & Business Development Manager. He blended his professional qualifications with the knowledge and experience gathered by involving in the finance and accounting aspects of the local shipping companies as well as internationally recognized shipping / freight forwarding principals, then he matured as a financial expert in the shipping industry.

At his very young age he got the opportunity to work with internationally recognized shipping and freight forwarding principals such as Ever Green Line ,, Transportation Maritime Maxicana (TMM) Tasman Orient Line, New Guinea Pacific Line, Expeditors International, Air Borne Express Corp, Direct container Line, Molax Line and many other NVOCC companies , from there he was able to expose him self to the transportation industry , locally and internationally to strengthen his talents and capabilities to take up challenges in his carrier. He then took up the positions as the General Manager at a international freight forwarding company and he gave his best to bring the company up to its highest level in the trade.

Having overall knowledge and experience in all areas in transportation Mr. Meehitiya joined with Clarion Logistics Pvt Ltd as the Director / General Manager and has proven with exceptional results for the company brining new ventures and business ideas to compete with local and international business environment to recognize Clarion Logistic Pvt Ltd to its best to maintain the company's position within the top level in the transportation industry.

Going beyond the traditional shipping and Freight forwarding concepts Mr. Meehitiya is one of the recognized individuals in the shipping industry who made vast changes to enjoy the benefits to every one in the transportation sector and he is keep on learning to innovate new methods, ideas and concepts to take forward the transportation industry to suit for the modern changes.