Cargo Insurance
The possibility for Theft or Damage while in transit is intermingled with the worldwide transportation of goods of any industry.

Cargo Insurance Service Categories

“All Risk” Cargo and Marine Insurance

Auto Transportation Cover

High Value Goods and Fine Art Transport Cover

Household Goods and Personal Effect Transportation Cover

3 rd Party Liability Coverage

E&O Coverage

Professional Liability Coverage

Professional Cargo Surveying

Pre shipment Inspection

That is why cargo insurance plays a key role in the movement of goods across the world. Cargo insurance offers protection for shipment against damage or loss from possible risks. Insuring cargo ensures the protection of the value of the cargo against potential damage or loss that can happen during Land, air, or Sea Transportation. With Clarion Logistics (Pvt) Ltd cargo insurance coverage, you can ease your stress on the safety of the cargo. Connect with us to find out how we can help you with the best and most cost-effective cargo insurance coverage.

Our cargo insurance is formulated to benefit our customers in many ways. We offer “all-risk” cargo and marine insurance to provide better coverage for our clients. With a reliable insurance service provider like us, you are on the safe side.
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