Free Re Importation Certificates (FRIC)
There are some instances when the exporters export items to with the aim of returning back the item to the same destination.

Free Re Importation Certificates (FRIC) Service Categories

Free Re Importation Certificate facilitates to export items on a bring back basis without paying customs duty in the country of export/import. Free Re Importation Certificate should be obtained (prior approval) before the goods are exported out of the country in order to clear the goods with customs duty exemption at the time of the shipment, land and destination. Most commonly this facility is used for the repair and return of items such as Motor Vehicles, Machinery, Equipment’s I.T Equipment, Exhibitions, Media Equipment that are under warranty or unrepairable in the same country

The Free Re Importation Certificate is valid only for two years from the date of issuing. We can help you with getting Free Re Importation Certificate for your shipment that will benefit you in the long run. Connect with us to find out how we can help you.
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