Multi-Country Consolidation (MCC)
Multi-Country Consolidation is a strategy used in international shipping where fewer container loads traveling to the same destination are shipped together as a full container load.

Multi-Country Consolidation (MCC) Service Categories

Sri Lanka as an international shipping hub to the neighbouring countries it has given us the opportunity to handle transshipment via Colombo and Clarion Logistics (Pvt) Ltd offers weekly transshipment services for full containers, loose cargo and air freight mainly to the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East and Africa, Europe and USA. We provide the MCC service to add value to transshipment cargo by way of repacking, reconsolidating, labeling for our customers to have the market advantage when they use Sri Lanka as a transshipment hub.

Multi-Country Consolidation benefits small-scale businesses that transport a small amount of cargo and the other businesses that transport a small amount of cargo from various sources. This facility enables customers with cost reduction and more effective shipment.
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